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I am a Full-Stack Web Developer with experience in MEAN, Ruby on Rails, and LAMP.

I started out as a Battery Systems Test Engineer for General Motors writing and running automated-tests (using Visual Basics and iTest) for the Chevrolet Volt and other hybrid vehicles.

At the same time, I became a videographer/part-owner at Strife.TV to document and explore the different urban dance cultures around the world.

Also, I helped manage and strategize all social media accounts for SuperCr3w MTV's America's Best Dance Crew Season 2 Winner.


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"motivational quotes... don't always work"

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  • Languages
    • JavaScript
    • Ruby
    • PHP
    • SQL
    • HTML5 / CSS
  • Frameworks
    • Angular
    • Bootstrap
    • Materialize
    • Express
    • Rails
    • CodeIgniter
    • Laravel
  • DBs / ORMS
    • MySql
    • ActiveRecord
    • PostqreSQL
    • MongoDB
    • Mongoose


  • LAMP
    • KMK Tees
    • eCommerce web app made with PHP, CodeIgniter, MySQL database, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Git, AWS, Google Maps API, and Stripe API payment system. In addition, shopping cart and search functionality were implemented for both admin and users. My team had 4 ½ days to create a site from scratch.
    • View on GitHub
  • Ruby on Rails
    • PayMe
    • This is a Ruby on Rails web app for invoices and earnings reports, completed from start to finish within 4 ½ days. All team members had only 3 weeks of intensive training on Ruby and RoR before starting this project.
    • View on GitHub
  • MEAN
    • CodingDojo onTap
    • CD onTap is a professional networking site for Coding Dojo alumni. This app makes heavy use of Angular to deliver a fully-featured single page application with search functionality. Users are able to post and search available jobs and quickly keep track of their former classmates' professional careers.
    • View on GitHub

"not with that attitude"

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Work / Consultation

"1 up"

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